2018 Summer Doubles League Rules

2018 Summer Doubles League Rules

Times and Days

Matches will be on Tuesday nights from May 15-August 21 (no play on July 3). Each team will play 10 matches, and all matches will be played at Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center from 7:30-9:00pm.

The league will provide a can of game balls. You have 90 minutes of court time, which includes a 10-minute warm up. It is important to arrive on time and end on time, as the courts are often booked afterwards.

Match Scoring

There will be ad scoring for deuces, play them out. Best two out of three sets with the third set being a super tiebreaker. A super tiebreak is played just like a regular tiebreak except you have to get ten points, winning by two. All sets will be standard scoring including deuce and advantage points with a tie-break at 6 games all (first to 7 winning by 2). Both teams should confirm with each other the final score at the end of the match, and the winners record the score in the lobby after the match.

Keeping Score

The server is responsible for calling out the score before each point. If both players/teams cannot agree on the current score, they review points until they agree on a score.

  • Match Complete - Winning team receives one point, half a point each if tied.
  • Match Incomplete - Team with the most total games won during the match receives one point, half a point each if tied. Everyone must stop match play on time. If you are in the middle of a game (or tiebreak), you may finish that game (or tiebreak), as long as the court is available, then stop. If you are unable to finish a game because of players taking the court, the unfinished game will not count. If in the middle of a Super tiebreak and unable to finish, then whoever is ahead in the Super tiebreak will receive one net game towards their total net games.
  • Winning with a sub - If a team wins with a sub, the team gets 1/2 point. If the team wins with 2 subs, the team gets no points but prevents their opponents from getting points. There are no points for losing with or without a sub/s.

League Standings and Tiebreak

Total points (match wins) at the end of the season will determine the winner. First tiebreak is head to head record between tied competitors. Second tiebreak is total sets won. Third tiebreak is net games. Fourth tiebreak is actual winning percentage in matches played (not including defaults).


Matches are to be played according to the league schedule. It is your responsibility to find a sub if you need one. Please refer to the preferred sub list - subs not on the preferred sub list must be approved by the Director. The sub must be a T4A member and the same level or below as the person they are replacing. There is no cost to sub.

Inform both of your opponents and the Director by 1:00 pm match day if you cannot play your match. You need to get confirmation that they got your message (phone/email/text) to ensure your opponents don't show up. Please make every effort to inform your opponents, league directors and your partners! We do not want any player showing up unnecessarily to play a match that has been defaulted. League Directors reserve the right to take disciplinary action against any player/team who do not make a good faith effort to let all parties know of a default situation. This may include removal from the league without refund.


The summer doubles league is a team sport based on set pairs. Throughout the summer players may get injured or other circumstances may require withdrawal from the league. If a player withdraws from a team, a new player may be added to the roaster to create a new team, with the league director's approval. If the replacement happens after the midseason break, the option of adding a new player as a permanent sub (wins would only gain 0.5 points) is allowed or a new team can be created and the previous team would be withdrawn from the standings.

Late Arrival - Time is based on the time at the club

If a person is late, the following penalties will apply;

  • 5:00 minutes or less: Loss of toss plus 1 game.
  • 5:01 - 10:00 minutes: Loss of toss plus 2 games.
  • 10:01 - 15:00 minutes: Loss of toss plus 3 games.
  • More than 15:00 minutes: Default
If members of both teams are more than 10 minutes late, they will play as much of the match as possible and the match will be scored as if they had begun on time.


Trophies will be awarded to the top two teams in each division.

Rules & Courtesy

via USTA and the Code of Court Conduct

  1. Let - When the server is interrupted between his/her first and second serve. If a ball from another court rolls or bounces into your court thereby interrupting your opponent between his/her first and second serve, YOU should immediately call for two serves to be taken, i.e. "a let".
  2. Foot fault - A fault of serve, occurs when the server's foot is placed within the court or on the wrong half of the baseline, prior to the ball being hit, resulting in a foul serve. The penalty is the same as if you faulted on serve. In the absence of an umpire the receiver may call a foot fault on his/her opponent.
  3. Courtesy - There is no rule about hitting the first serve back over the net when the serve is out, HOWEVER, it is accepted courtesy that when the first serve is out by more than a foot, the returner should let the ball pass and not hit it back over or into the net.
  4. Timing - USTA rules allow players one minute on changeovers and one bathroom break per match.
  5. Conduct - Swearing, throwing racquets, cheating, and/or causing a disturbance will not be tolerated. League Directors reserve the right to take disciplinary action against players who do not behave appropriately. Actions could include warnings, loss of match, or removal from league play without refund.
  6. Friendship and Fun are more important in Tennis 4 All than a championship. The purpose of this league is friendship, fun, and enjoyable competitive tennis. Please be courteous and respectful to one another. And remember-when there is doubt about whether a ball is in or out, the call must be made as good.

  7. Have fun and enjoy a competitive season of tennis.

    Please send any questions or comments to the League Director.